Beekeeper Registration

Any individual keeping bees in Delaware must registered their colonies and apiary locations with the Delaware Department of Agriculture on an annual basis. New beekeepers must notify the State Apiarist within 10 days of the time the bees are acquired. Complete and submit the Beekeeper Registration Form and submit to the State Apiarist.

Beekeeper Registration

Swarm Removal

In the case of a swarm, these beekeepers have been identified for swarm removal.

Pollination Services

For farmers or gardeners who are interested in renting bee colonies to pollinate their crops.

Pollination Services List

All honeybee colonies must be registered and inspected for diseases, mites, and Africanized bees (Title 3 Chapter 75 - Beekeeping Law). Surveys are conducted for Africanized bees along Delaware's coastal anchorages and in the Ports of Wilmington and Delaware City. The State Apiarist assists the beekeeping industry with promotion and education programs