Pesticide Indentification (For Residents)

If you know what the insect or weed looks like the list of informational websites below may help you identify it and also how to control it. The Delaware Department of Agriculture regulates the registration, sale and use of pesticides but the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service and the Master Gardeners can help with proper recommendations for controlling pests.

Helpful sites for pest identification:

Thinking of Treating You Own Pest Problem?

READ THE LABEL FIRST! The following link is for the Read the Label First Program by the EPA. Please look at the information they have regarding the importance of understanding the pesticide label before applying a treatment.

EPA Read the Label First Program

If Your Looking for Commercial Services

Please visit the web site below to search through our database of licensed companies.
Business License Searches


If you believe that someone has caused damage to your property by the misuse of pesticides you may contact us and an inspector will investigate your complaint, please check out our complaints page to get more information about submitting a complaint online, or by mail or fax.

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