Nutrient Management Planning Program (NMP)

A Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) or Animal Waste Management (AWMP) is a strategy to manage the amount, placement, timing and application of nutrients and is required for anyone who manages more than 10 acres of land on which nutrients are applied, and/or operates an animal operation in excess of 8,000 lbs. of live animals. A NMP must meet the regulations of the Nutrient Management Law, and can be developed for your operation at no cost. Payment of cost assistance is contingent upon funding availability. A certified nutrient generator is authorized to write an AWMP for their operation, but the plan must meet the regulations of the Nutrient Management law.

NMP's can be provided by a certified nutrient consultant. To request a Nutrient Management Plan, contact a private or public Certified Nutrient Consultant, or the State Nutrient Management Program.

To process your application timely, please include a dated invoice along with the appropriate cost assistance application as follows:

Individuals and businesses must complete Form W-9 prior to applying for cost-assistance. Complete this form ONLY if you are applying for cost assistance for the first time or updating your contact information (e.g. address, phone number, direct deposit/ACH, etc.).

Please refer to the Delaware Guidelines for Agriculture Nutrient Management Plan or contact the Nutrient Management staff or the Nutrient Management Commission for further assistance.