Our Mission

To manage those activities involving the generation and application of nutrients in order to help maintain and improve the quality of Delaware's ground and surface waters and to help meet or exceed federally mandated water quality standards, in the interest of the overall public welfare.

Nutrient Management


The Delaware Nutrient Management Program was established in June 1999 as a result of the Delaware Nutrient Management Law. The Delaware Nutrient Management Commission was established to direct the program and develop regulations pertaining to nutrient management, waste management for Animal Feeding Operations (AFO's) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO's).

Services Provided by Us

  • Nutrient Management Relocation Program – This is a cost assistance program to assist in the transport of manure from areas of excess manure to areas in need. (Contingent upon the availability of funds).
  • Nutrient Management Planning Program – This is a cost assistance program for the implementation of a Nutrient Management Plan for those controlling the application of nutrients to 10 acres or greater and/or for those managing Animal Feeding Operations (AFO's) with greater than 8 Animal Units requiring an Animal Waste Management Plan. (Contingent upon the availability of funds).
  • Complaints & Investigations – Complaints related to manure management and general nutrient management practices are handled and resolved by program staff.
  • Certification and Education – Individuals must be duly certified by the Nutrient Management Program if they:
    1. Apply nutrients to 10 acres or greater,
    2. Operate an animal feeding operation of than 8 Animal Units or greater,
    3. Apply nutrients to lands as a component of a commercial or agriculture business in exchange for a fee or service charge -or-
    4. Advise or consult with persons as part of the development of a Nutrient Management Plan.

In order to maintain certification, the certification holder must successfully complete continuing education courses prior to the expiration date which is identified on the certification card. The continuing education course must be approved by the Nutrient Management Program prior to the start of the program. An Application for Continuing Education Units Application must be completed and submitted with an agenda. If you have any questions about continuing education courses or the application, please contact the University of Delaware's Research and Education Center at (302) 856-2585 extension 383.