Delaware Wildland Fire Crew

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible to join?
Eligible crew members must be 18 years or older, complete all four training courses (see below), pass a work-capacity pack test, be willing to travel for at least two weeks, have a commitment to serving the public and work well with others.

Q. How do I become certified?
Each year in January and February, the Delaware State Fire School offers courses required for certification under the National Wildfire Coordinating Group guidelines:

  • I-100, Introduction to Incident Command System
  • (completed online)
  • S-130 Firefighter Training
  • S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
  • In addition, an annual work capacity (physical fitness) test is required. To qualify, you must carry a 45-pound pack over a three-mile course in under 45 minutes. A health screen questionnaire must be completed prior to taking the test. The capstone of the training series is an annual “Fire Camp” featuring hands-on instruction on a “live-burn” simulation.

Q. Where do the crews work?
Delaware wildland fire crews have worked on assignments in many states, including California, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

Q. What are the benefits from joining the program?

  • Camaraderie: You will be part of a well-organized and highly efficient team of dedicated wildland firefighters with whom you will share unique life experiences.

  • Adventure: No two assignments are exactly alike, but you can be sure that the crew will work in a picturesque area with challenging terrain features that offer spectacular vistas.

  • Experience: Your newly-acquired wildland fire knowledge and skills will improve your effectiveness in in-state incidents, including fire in the wildland/urban area.

  • NIMS Compliance: All firefighters work under the Incident Command System, and you will see first-hand how this system operates on a large scale.

  • Leadership: Advanced training for future roles at the squad boss and crew boss level are available for interested firefighters.

  • Financial Gain: Every firefighter position is fully paid. A typical 16-day tour of duty will usually average between 220 and 250 working hours.

Q. How do I apply or learn more?
Contact the Delaware Forest Service at (302) 698-4500, or write to 2320 South DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901.