Years vs. Commodity

Alfalfa Hay Price
Alfalfa Hay Production
Alfalfa Hay Yield
All Hay Price
All Hay Production
All Hay Yield
Apple Price
Apple Production
Average Live Weight
Broiler Price
Cabbage Price
Cabbage Production
Cabbage Yield
Calf Price
Cattle Price
Chicks Placed
Corn Production
Corn Yield
Cow and Calf Gross Income
Cow and Calf Inventory
Cow and Calf Production
Green Peas Price
Green Pea Production
Green Pea Yield
Lima Bean Price
Lima Bean Production
Lima Bean Yield
Milk Production per Cow
Number of Beef Replacement Heifers
Number of Boilers
Number of Dairy Replacement Heifers
Number of Hogs and Pigs
Number of Milk Cows
Other Hay Price
Other Hay Production
Other Hay Yield
Peach Price
Peach Production
Pumpkin Price
Pumpkin Production
Pumpkin Yield
Rent Paid for Delaware Irrigated
Rent Paid for Delaware Non-Irrigated
Rent Paid for Kent Irrigated
Rent Paid for Kent Non-Irrigated
Rent Paid for New Castle Irrigated
Rent Paid for New Castle Non-Irrigated
Rent Paid for Sussex Irrigated
Rent Paid for Sussex Non-Irrigated
Seedless Watermelon Price
Seedless Watermelon Production
Seedless Watermelon Yield
Snap Bean Price
Snap Bean Production
Snap Bean Yield
Strawberry Price
Strawberry Production
Strawberry Yield
Tomato Price
Tomato Production
Tomato Yield
Total Milk Production
Total Watermelon Price
Total Watermelon Production
Total Watermelon Yield
Asparagus Price
Asparagus Production
Asparagus Yield
Average Farm Size
Barley Price
Barley Production
Barley Yield
Corn Price
Fresh Sweet Corn Price
Fresh Sweet Corn Production
Fresh Sweet Corn Yield
Land in Farms
Number of Farms
Potato Price
Potato Production
Potato Yield
Soybean Price
Soybean Production
Soybean Yield
Sweet Corn Processing Price
Sweet Corn Processing Production
Sweet Corn Processing Yield
Winter Wheat Price
Winter Wheat Production
Winter Wheat Yield