County Comprehensive Land Plan Guidelines

All Delaware counties are required to update theirComprehensive Lands Use Plans every five years. DDAadvocates for strong agricultural components in each ofthe county land use plans. The agriculture section of acomprehensive plan should lay out goals and objectivesfor the county's agricultural community and land base,and list task options to reach those objectives. Thefollowing list of suggestions reflects some of thecomponents we hope to see become part of thecomprehensive planning process.

  1. Recognize that the County is a Part of a Greater Regional Agricultural Community

  2. Develop and Incorporate Goals and Objectives inSupport of the Agricultural

  3. Community Establish a Strategic Policy Framework inSupport of those Goals and Objectives
    • Identify Agricultural Areas Critical forPreservation
    • Establish a "Rural Character Zone " or"Conservation Zone"
    • Establish a Transfer of Developments RightProgram
    • Appropriate funds to participate in thePurchase of Development Rights Program
    • Strengthen & Support "Right to Farm"Policies
    • Assess Impact Fees on New, Non-agriculturalConstruction in Agricultural Areas
    • Support Agricultural Economic Development
    • Increase and Enforce Buffering Requirements
    • Increase Permitting Policies Friendly to Agricultural Community – Agriculturally RelatedUses "Permitted By Right" in Agricultural Areas
    • Provide Agribusiness Consulting Services

The following is a list of goals found in neighboring counties' comprehensive plans.

  1. "Maintain the rural character of the County byplanning for the preservation of prime agriculturalland, open space and forests."

  2. "Encourage the protection of prime agriculturallands and resist encroachment of development intothem."

  3. "Maintain agricultural and forestry uses by settingstrict limits on development and physicallyseparating other land uses from agriculturalactivities."

  4. "Support agriculture as a business and a way oflife."

  5. "Protect... County's agricultural heritage andvitality."

  6. "Promote... County as an agriculturally friendlycounty."