Registration of Products and/or Servicepersons

To help ensure the viability and welfare of the agricultural industry, the Delaware Department of Agriculture requires companies to register a variety of products and servicepersons. These registrations include:

  • Beekeeping: Beekeepers must register the bee hives they own with the Department's Plant Industries section.

  • Pesticides: Any pesticide product distributed or sold in the State of Delaware must be registered with the Department's Pesticide section.

  • General Business: The Weights and Measures Section offers a voluntary registered serviceperson program for technicians that allows them to place weighing and measuring devices into commercial service.

  • Horse Racing: The Delaware Standardbred Breeder's Fund annually registers stallions and yealings for the Sires Stakes program. They also take sustaining payments from 2 and 3-year olds, which make them eligible to participate in stakes races for Delaware-sired horses.

  • Poultry: Anyone keeping live poultry in Delaware must complete a poultry registration form with the department.

  • Aquaculture: Any commercial aquaculture operations must register with the Department.

  • Feed and Fertilizer: Producers must register all commercial animal feed, pet food and pet treats, fertilizers, soil conditioners, and liming materials with the Department before distributing these products in Delaware.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 29-May-2013 13:20:41 EDT
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