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Delaware gardeners can find nearby nurseries
Department of Agriculture database features licensed outlets

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DOVER (Apr. 10, 2012) – With springtime’s warm weather here and many gardeners searching for the perfect plants, the Delaware Department of Agriculture has updated its online nursery database, offering an easy way to find local flowers, decorative plants and vegetable plants just right for planting. Every county now features local greenhouse growers offering spring annuals for sale.

The database, at http://nurserylicense.dda.delaware.gov, features every licensed nursery establishment in the state, so consumers can be assured that they’re buying from licensed outlets. The database is searchable by county, city, company name and business type, without creating an account. Visitors can just select Search and enter their criteria.

“Delawareans love gardening and the thrill of finding just the right plant. We want to make that search a little easier,” said Jeff Brothers, nursery unit supervisor in the Department of Agriculture’s Plant Industries Section.

Nurseries and related businesses are inspected annually for plant pests by DDA’s Plant Industries inspectors. All nursery stock shipped into Delaware must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection from the state of origin.

Nursery stock includes any plant for planting, propagation or ornamentation and any non-hardy plant or plant part, such as annuals, bedding plants, vegetable plants, cut flowers and floral greenery.

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