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Delaware Department of Agriculture's Interactive Geographic
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Pesticides Profile

The DDA maintains a GIS system partly to present data and information to people
with internet access. The Pesticide Section has posted data from its monitoring wells on the Department's GIS system. You can access the maps here:

You will have to download FREE software in order to view the maps. You will be instructed on how to download the software when you try to use the maps for the first time. The website has on screen help to assist first-time users with using different tools and functions to manipulate the maps.

In addition to the onscreen help, the following instructions will help you access monitoring well data after you are comfortable using the maps.

1). In order to view the monitoring well data, you will need to choose Map Profile 6, Pesticides, in the upper right hand corner of the map.

2). If you are only interested in a single county, select that county at the top of the page. Next, move to the bottom of the page, and "click" on the button that reads "View Full Map of County". If you wish to view the entire state, go directly to the bottom of the page and "click on " View Full Map of State". Well symbols should appear on the map showing the locations of the Department's monitoring wells. If the wells do not appear, you may have to exit the map, and repeat the steps above to get the well symbols to appear.

3). Use the zoom tools to "zoom in" on a well of interest.

4). Select the POINTER ARROW in the upper left hand corner of the tool box by "clicking" on it once with the mouse pointer. Now, when you move the pointer arrow over a well symbol, an information box will appear. You can access additional information about the well by "double clicking" on the well symbol. Information will be displayed in a "pop up" information box.

Within the information box there are three additional sources of information including a lithographic log for the well, a hydrograph for the well showing depth the water table at different times during the past, and pesticide screening data. "Double Click" on the blue text to retrieve the information.

The Pesticide Section has made every attempt to ensure the data presented are accurate and up to date. However, the DDA cannot be responsible for inaccuracies or data that is not current.

Please note that although aerial photographs are available for other profiles on this map system, they have been blocked from the Pesticides profile. This has been done for security reasons, since conceivably, the monitoring wells could be used to introduce contaminants into the ground water. Blocking access to the aerial photographs makes the wells much more difficult to locate.


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